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(January 18th, 2015)

An update... a little over a year later! Happy new year again, by the way. (The last update to this place occurred on January 5th, 2014. That's kinda crazy!)

This time, I decided to do something kind of different: A page detailing the flash texts in the Stick Adventure 3 remake. I want to do this because there are a TON of references in them, and I kinda wanted a place to clarify on the ones people might not get. Also, there are so many of them, there's likely to be a few you missed while playing the game. :)

I had wanted to wait until the full game was finished before starting to add information on it to the wiki (And it's going to take a LOT of separate pages, the finished product could probably fill up it's own dedicated wiki). However, I did this page now because... well, I felt like it. Plus, if I don't get the skeleton of it in now, it's going to take a LONG time to write it all out later (To put it in perspective, there are 150 flash texts in the game now, and I plan to add exactly 50 more in each and every demo leading up to release. That'll be a LOT of flash texts to type out all at once!). I also just wanted a place to write down what I was thinking about when I wrote specific lines. Just for trivia-type fun. :)

This time, I wrote the update before I actually created the page. So, there's no link here at current. But it should be the first page you see down below, in the "Latest activity" spot down there, barring a troll/spammer getting onto the wiki and mucking things up for me. The page will be titled "Flash Texts", so if you don't see it, you can always just search for the page in the wiki's search bar. :p

That's it for this little Underdog update. Keep being beautiful, ghost readers.

Latest activity

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