Visit the Underdog Arcade

The Underdog Arcade has a small set of standards which all games must meet before being put online, mainly to fix compatibility issues with the Stagecast Web Player. The standards are as follows:

- Must have a title screen OR must allow for the player to otherwise begin the game at his/her discretion (Quality; games in Web Player automatically begin once loaded).

- Must not use the "Graph" special character in any way (Compatibility; Stagecast Web Player does not support the Graphing plugin). The calculator plugin still works, however.

-- Note that the above is outdated, as it actually IS possible to get the web player to load the graphing plugin. Prior to this, I would just edit games that used the graph plugin so that they didn't actually utilize the feature anymore. Now that I think about it, I may have forgotten to replace all the of the edited sims with the originals...

- Must have changes disabled before uploading; this is more or less to prevent cheating, since you can't really make or save any big changes in Stagecast Player. If you want to look at variables, rules, whatever, then download the sim from The Fantasy Café. I leave the games unprotected there, and encourage anyone interested to take a look at them and even change them if they wish.

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