Stick Adventure - Quest's Dawn 2.0

The title screen of Stick Adventure: Quest's Dawn. It features the game's story, as well as control information. A button leading to a note from the developer of the game is also present.

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Stick Adventure was the first game ever created by Underdog Creations. It is an action game where players must guide a stick figure (Aptly named "Stick") through a series of stages while avoiding gunfire.

The original game is no longer available to download. However, a re-make of the game was released, titled, "Stick Adventure: Quest's Dawn", which improved and added upon the original game's concept. The exact release date of both the original game and version 1.0 of Quest's Dawn were never officially recorded.

On August 11, 2013, Version 2.0 was released which fixed numerous bugs and typos while adding new features, such as a more prominent HP meter and a Note from Underdog, a feature which has become standard fare for all Underdog Creations games.


A. Quest's Dawn features two different types of play. Both can be active at the same time (Note that these are not official names and are for reference purposes only):


Platform Mode is the default play mode of the majority of stages in the game. Players use the left and right arrow keys to move while pressing the up arrow key to jump over objects and onto other platforms. Typically, the player is tasked only with jumping over enemies in order to make it to the end of a level, but later on, platforming sections are introduced. When jumping, a player will travel a maximum of three spaces towards the right-hand side of the screen while also moving upwards and then downwards again, travelling in a vertical arc. If the player runs into a wall or other such object while jumping, he/she will lose all momentum and begin falling towards the ground. No other movement or action may be used while in this state until the player falls to the ground (No damage is taken from the fall).


Battle Mode becomes active on certain stages after obtaining the sword item about halfway through the game. After the player obtains the sword, some stages may have the word "BATTLE" on them in red text (Usually appearing nearby the HP meter). On these "Battle Stages", players are able to press the Enter/Return key to attack with the sword. Upon attacking, the sword will apear in front of Stick facing to right right momentarily before quickly disappearing again, simulating the action of swinging the sword. If an enemy is directly in front of the sword as it appears, it will be defeated (regular enemy) or take one hit point of damage (boss enemies). See BOSSES below for more information about Boss enemies.

B. Other Game Mechanics:

Heal Stations:

In certain areas, the player will encounter Heal Stations. These are small areas that the player may choose to step into to be healed to a maximum of ten hit points. While it it possible to increase Stick's Hit Point value past ten, Heal Stations will only ever give you ten points, and it will fail to do anything if the player's Hit Point value is already more than, or equal to, ten (So if your HP value is at 15, for example, stepping into a Heal Station will not reset your HP to 10. Instead, it will favor the higher number and leave the player with 15 HP). It is possible to skip most heal stations by simply jumping over them. IF the player changes his/her mind after jumping over the heal station, he/she may simply enter in from the right side by moving left into it.

Hit Points:

Hit Points (Or HP for short) denote how much damage the player can take before dying. At the beginning of the game, players start off with ten hit points. During the course of the game, enemies on stages will attack the player, and, should their attacks hit, the players HP will be reduced (See the ENEMIES AND BOSSES section below for detailed data on different enemies' attacks and damage rates). If the player allows his/her HP value to drop to zero, Stick will die, resulting in a Game Over message displaying. If a player gets a Game Over, they must reset the game and start again from the beginning. As such, it is essential to manage and keep tabs on Stick's HP at all times if one aims to complete the game. There are two ways in which the player may increase the amount of HP he/she has, in the forms of Heal Blocks and Heal Stations, respectively. Utilizing these resources, as well as dodging as many enemy attacks as possible, will help keep the player's Hit Point level above zero.


There are two power-ups that can be collected at different points throughout the game.

Heal Block:

A light-green colored block with the lower-case letter "h" on it. When the player is right next to one of these blocks, pressing the Enter/Return key will cause the player's character to take the block and have his Hit Point value increased by 1. There is no maximum amont of HP the player may accumulate, and may be increased past the original starting point of 10, so taking these heal blocks will provide the player with a slight advantage if he/she has been doing well prior to coming across any.

Invincibility Block:

A black block with the lower-case letter "i" on it. When the player presses the Enter/Return key while directly in front of one of these, the player character will be protected from all forms of attack until the player moves ten spaces (In either direction). While invincible, a black square will surround the player, indicating that the effect is in play. While invincible, the player will be unable to jump; However, attacking is still possible on "Battle" stages by pressing the Enter/Return key as usual. When the player enters a door while invincible, the amount of steps that can be taken until the effect wears off is reset back to ten. This is only possible on two stages (The battles against the black-colored "Secret Weapon" bosses).


A. Regular Enemies

- Military - The main enemy that players will encounter for most of the game are regular military units. These enemies will roam about the stage, occasionally shooting bullets in whichever direction they are facing. The bullets Military enemies fire travel a maximum of five spaces before disappearing. If the bullet comes into contact with any objects (besides the player) before traveling the full five space distance, the bullet will disappear. If the bullet hits the player, however, the player will take damage equal to one Hit Point. Military enemies never run out of ammo, but at the same time do not actively seek to attack the player directly, instead relying upon random chance to hit with their bullets. Military enemies are immune to bullets themselves, so any other enemy, including other Military, will not harm them. When fighting these enemies on Battle Stages, keep in mind that Stick's sword is able to cancel out bullets, protecting him from harm (Although this takes either very precise timing, or a lot of luck). The best way to fight them is to jump towards them to first close the distance while dodging as many bullets as possible until thew player is directly adjacent to it (Preventing it from firing any bullets in the player's direction). One could continue pushing them back in this way until they are all grouped at the right side of the stage, then quickly moving back and quickly attacking them one by one in impunity. Or for a quicker method, simply step back and attack them one at a time once the opportunity presents itself (Such as the enemy turning away from the player). After a bit of practice, defeating these enemies will become second nature.

rar!s - A secret enemy that is inaccessible during the main game, only appearing on the Bonus Stage that may be unlocked following the game's conclusion. The enemy is a nod towards the second game in the series, Stick Adventure 2, in which identical creatures are the main enemy instead of military forces. rar!s move around the stage quickly and erratically, capable of dealing rapid-fire damage to the player if he/she is unlucky enough to be caught next to one. While the enemy only does one hit point of damage per attack, its behavior of only moving away from the player or attacking again makes it highly likely that it will attack in qucik succession, sometimes only stopping when it can no longer attack because the player is pushed against a wall. Because of the quick and unpredictable nature of these enemies' attacks, the best way to defeat them is to simply hold down the Enter/Retun key to rapid-fire attack and wait for them to come to you. The safest way to dispatch them is to do so while staying against the far wal to the left side of the stage, preventing the rar!s from attacking you (As they require an empty space to be next to your character so that their attack's knockback effect can function). This, however, can take a very long time and be quite boring. Also note that jumping is not at all advisable when fighting these enemies, as they can just as easily attack Stick from the right as they can from the left, with Stick being unable to turn and counter-attack in turn. If you do jump for some reason (Besides to enter the fray from the safe area at the beginning of the stage) and end up in front of a rar!, you may as well try jumping over the others as well and making a break for the door. Once these enemies have you surrounded on both sides, they very commonly exhibit a "ping-pong" effect where they will trade turns attacking you, pushing you towards the enemy on the other side of you. Survival rate when in this situation is very low, but you can improve your odds by defeating a few enemies so that the rar!s have more room to move about, thus lessening the chance that they come near you. If you manage to dispatch them all, congratulations! You are a master of the Quest's Dawn battle system.

B. Bosses

  1. Secret Weapon #1 - 15 HP - This boss attacks by shooting regular bullets in the same way the regular Military enemy does, travling a set distance and doing one HP of damage to the player upon contact. However, if the player goes directly next to the boss, it has a chance to use a crushing attack, jumping up and bearing down upon the player, pushing him/her back and causing one HP of damage. It is possible for the boss to "chain" this attack multiple times, which can be devastating to the player. As it is necessary to get up close in order to attack the boss, there is no safe way to defeat it. The most effecient technique involves attacking in quick bursts, alternating movement and attacks in an attempt to avoid being crushed and blocking any bullets that may be fired. If the player jumps over the boss and ends up on the other side, the boss will push the player back onto the left side of the stage (This deals no damage to the player). When this boss is defeated, it will turn into an Invincibility Block, which can then be taken and used for the next stage.
  2. Secret Weapon #1 (Guarded) - 20 HP - Identical to the first fight with the black-colored Secret Weapon. For this fight, some regular Military soldiers are also around. In addition, this time around the main boss itself has 20 Hit Points instead of 15, so it will take a bit longer to kill. Take out the soldiers first, then proceed to fight the boss as you normally would.
  3. Secret Weapon #2 - 25 HP - Unlike the first Secret Weapon, this boss is light-green in color. It uses the same attacks as the first (shooting bullets and crushing anyone who gets too close),with the notable difference that the bullets it fires travel eight spaces instead of the regular five, sometimes going for long enough to reach the far end of the stage. While both of its attacks still do only one damage each, its significant amount of HP, as well as its ability to "chain" together crushing attacks like the first secret weapon, make this fight more a test of stamina than anything. Without using some form of tactics, the player has a very low chance of dealing enough damage through brute force of hitting Enter/Return over and over. Considering the only other difference besides HP lies within its ability to shoot farther, this boss is best dispatched in the same way the player was able to do so for the first two secret weapon battles. When this boss' HP reaches zero, it turns into a usuable Heal Block, in contrast to the Invincibility Block that the first secret weapon morphs into.
  4. Final Boss - 40 HP - The final boss of the game is one of the only two enemies that do not shoot bullets at the player (The other one being the secret enemy, the rar!). Rather, the boss has a higher chance at moving towards the player than other enemies do, homing in on him/her and eventually trapping them if no care is taken to prevent it. The boss attacks by kicking the player when it is up close, dealing a powerful blow worth 2 points of damage. Ironically, however, this boss is the easiest in the game due to the fact that it does not shoot bullets. If the player finds him/herself in a bad situation, he/she can simply retreat backwards and continue his/her attack. As long as care is taken to avoid getting hit and to prevent the boss from moving forward as often by attacking, the battle can be easily won. As a side-note, jumping during the fight may look cool, but it is not advisable, as if you run into the boss, you will fall to the ground and lose control over Stick as if yu had run into a wall, When you finally return to the ground, the boss is likely to get an attack in, althogh it is possible it will move back instead of attacking. So if someone is watching you play and you want to look cool and test your luck, go ahead and attack the boss in midair. But, as previously mentioned, if you're just trying to defeat him as quickly as possible, jumping is not advisable.


Cheat Blocks:

Cheat Blocks are invisible blocks that are located directly below the initial starting point of every enemy. For instance, if an enemy is located at Vertical 2, Horizontal 10, then the Cheat Block is located at Vertical 1, Horizontal 10. Cheat Blocks do not move, however, so once the enemy moves to another square, such as vertical 2, horizontal 9, the Cheat Block will still be located at Vertical 1, Horizontal 10. The best way to find the locations of Cheat Blocks is to try and pause the game as soon as you enter the door to the next stage. If you are late in pausing the game and the enemies move a little, simple rewind the game one step at a time until they are all facing towards the left. Directly underneath each one of these enemies is a usable Cheat Block, except a select few enemies that are located on platforms or toher such obtrusions.

To activate the Cheat Block, the player needs only to stand on top of it and press the Down arrow key. The player will then transport to the bottom of the stage, allowing them to avoid all damage. Be advised, however, that once a Cheat Block is used, the player cannot under any circumstances return back up to the layer they were once on. Therefore, any Heal/Invincibility Blocks left on the stage will be unobtainable.

Easier Bosses:

Although it's not 100% fool-proof as bosses can actually get through the "wall" this technique provides, it is a good way to defeat bosses quickly with little damage to the player.

Stand three spaces away from the Boss and hold down the Enter key to keep Stick attacking continuously. Try to keep the enemy against the wall. This way, they have only the option to shoot or move into your sword. And if the boss does fire a bullet, you will have a high chance of canceling it out with your sword. This way, you essentially allow the enemy to "attack itself", since it is moving into range of your sword on its own.

As explained above, however, a boss may slip through your "sword wall" and end up next to you. If they do, they will either attack you or move back to where they were. If they choose to use their attack, you will be pushed back a space, and this will cause the Enter/Return key to stop auto-attacking as well. The reason the boss is able to do this is because of the way Stagecast prioritizes the objects on-screen. Whatever the newest on-screen object is gets first priority whenever Stagecast tries to run a rule (which is every tick in which the game is running). Since Stick's sword is cinstantly spawning and despawning, it is almost always considered the newest object, thus it gets its chance to disappear before enemies on-screen get a chance to move. The result is the enemy's ability to move up next to Stick in the exact same moment that the sword disappears. Even despite this phenomenon, however, this technique of holding down Enter/Return is a very effecient way to attack bosses, so long as one remains vigilant and watches for any breaks in the armor, so to speak.

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