Topic at The Fantasy Café: Police Getaway: Under the Influence was one of the first games made by Underdog Creations. Its simple style of play and short quirky stages led this series to be a mainstay in the Underdog Creations line.


A scene at the end of Police Getaway featuring the classic crashed blue van and "loser!" message.


In Police Getaway: Under the Influence, players attempt to escape from the police in a blue van. This van travels on its own down a long, narrow track avoiding obstacles, such as dogs and police cars, as it goes. The van can also run over police officers and stray guns on this track. At the end of the track there is always a wall, which the player will inevitably crash into, causing them to be caught by the police. Although this was originally supposed to be a well-meaning "Crime Never Pays" message, many players simply found this funny, and it has remained a classic part of the series ever since.

NOTE: In early 2013, an update was released which brought this game up to the Underdog Arcade Standards. It gained a new title screen along with the other four Stagecast games in the series. All of the title screens follow a certain pattern. (!! CURRENT SCREENSHOT IS OUTDATED !!)

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