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Krazzy Kartzz; Time Trialzz

The Title Screen displaying the Best Times for each course (minus Rainbow Island)

Krazzy Kartzz: Time Trialzz is a single player racing game in which the player aims to beat the best times set fourth by the game. If the player beats all of the predetermined Best Times for the four originally accessible courses, a hidden fifth course will be unlocked. Upon completion of this fifth course, the credits will play, regardless of whether or not the player has beaten the Best Time.


Release Date: As Krazzy Kartzz: Time Trialzz is an older game released by Underdog Creations, the exact release date is unknown. However, it is estimated to have been sometime before or during June 2010, as this is when the Fantasy Cafe topic was created.


Players control a single large red car, very much similar to an enlarged version of the usual 1P car in other games in the series. Using the arrow keys to change directions, players must navigate through five different tracks (Four starting out, one unlocked later). The courses are entered by driving through tunnels either on the Title Screen or on the Sand Valley course (To access Rainbow Island)

The "Best Times" recorded for each course are not recorded in seconds, but in program ticks; Essentially, the game keeps track of how many frames it takes the player to reach the finish line instead of using actual minutes and seconds.


1. Dirt Path

Best Time: 360

Dirt Path is the first course the player is expected to enter. As such, it is the shortest and easiest of the five. It features a brown color for its stage background and features many long straightaways and simple, easy to manage turns.

2. Lily Lake

Best Time: 345

Lily Lake is the second course the player is expected to enter. It has a blue stage background color. It, like Dirt Path, is a simple course. However, it does feature some more advanced shapes than the former.

3. Grass Field

Best Time: 340

The third course in Krazzy Kartzz: Time Trialzz has a much bigger focus on the technical aspect of driving. It features many tricky shapes and turns that will force players to learn how to properly navigate around more advanced tracks. Despite this, Grass Field is easily the shortest of the five courses. It features a green background color.

4. Sand Valley

Best Time: 520

The fourth course is quite possibly the longest one the game features. It takes many of the elements from the first three courses and melds them together with a few new tricks of its own. Sand Valley uses a yellow color as its stage background. In this course you will see long straight areas, technical curves and shapes that will simple mess with your mind. Most players find it benficial to play through the course and memorize it somewhat before attempting to seriously beat the Best Time.

Note: If Sand Valley is entered after all four "original" courses have had a new Best Time set for them, a new path will open near the end of the track. this new path leads to the tunnel allowing for access to the secret fifth course, rainbow island.

5. Rainbow Island

Best Time: 475

Rainbow Island is the final challenge players will face in Krazzy Kartzz: Time Trialzz. It is one of the most technical and confusing tracks overall. Sporting a background of rainbow colors, players must try to stay focused (and not have a seizure) while racing this course. Achieving the Best Time is fairly simple for this course, ironically; During the area where the track splits into two, take the top path, not the bottom. The top path is considerably shorter and less technical than the bottom path, so taking it can save you a lot of time.

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