The opening screen of Krazzy Kartzz. Upon pressing play, the player, in control of the red car, is thrown into a race with the green-colored AI racer.

Topic at The Fantasy Café:

Krazzy Kartzz is a racing game in which the player, guiding the red car, must finish five laps around a simple rectangular-shaped track before the AI-controlled green car.

The game has no legitamate title screen, and thus, as soon as the play button is clicked, the race will begin. The game is controlled entirely by the arrow keys and the Enter key. The cars will move forward automatically, leaving the player with only the job of steering.

Once a race is finished, the player can press the Enter key to reset the game back to its default state for another race. The results of the race are not recorded in this way. In fact, the player could even press the Enter key to restart the game before the race is over.

EDIT: In early 2013, this game was updated to comply with certain standards that needed to be met for Underdog Arcade versions of games. As such, it gained a title screen. As an added bonus, it also obtained a Note from Underdog and a Two Player Mode!

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